Travel made easy with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)

Traveling can be full of fun, adventure, and excitement. CGD doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Check out these travel tips from others with CGD who are making the most out of trips for work, family vacations, and weekend getaways. Then pack your bags to enjoy your next destination.

10 Tips for Safe Travels


Don’t forget your medicines.
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Bring your medical journal in case of an emergency.
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Carry a thermometer to check your temperature.
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Wash your hands whenever you touch things in public areas.
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Pack a bottle of hand sanitizer.
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Keep medicines that need to be refrigerated in a portable cooler (not on ice).
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Write down a list of emergency contacts to call if you become ill.
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Keep a list of your doctors’ phone numbers on you.
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Know the location of the nearest hospital.
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Bring healthy snacks and drink plenty of water (use bottled water).
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