Tips for a healthy home

People with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) need to pay extra attention to keeping a healthy home. Use the tips below to help keep bacteria and fungi from making your home their home.

Tackle the bathroom

Bacteria and fungi love the bathroom. Moisture from the shower or bath can cause mold to grow over time if the room doesn’t have a chance to dry out. The easiest way to keep moisture out is to install a fan in the ceiling. When cleaning the bathroom, use strong cleaners, including bleach, to kill anything around and behind the toilet and on the floor. The same cleaners can be used in the shower or bathtub to keep any bacteria and fungi from growing.

Keep shoes out

Think about all the places your shoes go throughout the day. Now think about what they can bring inside the house. Set up a bin or place a mat by the door so people have a place to take off their shoes. That way, anything that may be on your shoes doesn’t get tracked into the house.

Send plants packing

Since potting soil can be full of fungi, the best place for a plant is outside. Replace the plants with interesting lamps, pictures on the walls, and artwork scattered on side tables to make your home as unique as you want it to be.

Careful with the carpet

The easiest way to avoid what can live in and under your carpet is not to have a carpet in your house. If you’re installing or replacing a carpet and have CGD, make sure you aren’t in the home while it’s being removed. It’s best to wait a few days to make sure any dust and germs have settled before coming back into the home.

Caring for pets

Pets provide so much fun and love in a home. Make sure all pets have the vaccinations they need to avoid spreading any illness. Mark vet appointments on your calendar so you never miss one. If you have a cat, wear a dust mask that fits over your mouth and nose when emptying the cat litter. If you have a dog, do all the grooming outside to keep out the dander and dirt that come from its fur.


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