The Importance of Vigilance While Managing Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD)

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Nicholas:. These are kids who are allowed to get normal infections. They’re allowed to get normal colds, and there is a balance between being very vigilant and worrying too much about infections. That’s something that I personally work with parents over time to help, just to really be able to say what do we need to worry about, what do we not. And for me, it’s more of the things that last over time. And so, changes that have been there for a couple weeks, and not just changes that came and went.

They stub their toe and they don’t walk on it for a day, and it gets better in a day, well, that’s okay. They have a scrape that looks like it’s healing fine, well, that’s okay. It’s more the things that they got a scrape and it looks that it’s just not healing over a couple of weeks, well, that’s a problem that we need to look at.

Find out when to worry about your child’s infections—and when to not.

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