Educate the educators about chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)

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When a child is first diagnosed with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), a common question parents ask is, “Can my child attend school and participate in the regular classroom and still be safe?” The answer is yes. That starts with making sure parents and school staff are prepared.

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Educating the school staff about the risk of serious infections in people with CGD is important. Parents of children with CGD should meet with members of the school staff, especially the school nurse, before classes start. Request a school healthcare meeting, and include the following people:

  • School nurse
  • Student(s) (if age appropriate)
  • Parent(s)
  • Principal or administrator
  • Teacher(s) 
  • Guidance counselor 
  • Student’s healthcare provider (if necessary)
Mother caring for child with CGD Mother caring for child with CGD Mother caring for child with CGD

As soon as school starts, contact the school nurse and set up a teacher conference to explain CGD.

—Selma, mother of 2 sons with CGD

Parents should plan to share which activities put their child at risk. Activities such as field trips to a farm, planting seeds in dirt, and playing on a playground with mulch or woodchips should be off limits. Parents should also ask that the school nurse or other staff member alert them if an illness is going around the school. By working closely with the school staff, parents can feel more confident about the health and safety of their child.

Parents’ School Guide to CGD

Information to help parents get through the school year and educate school staff about CGD

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Teachers’ Guide to CGD

Manage the school year better with educational pieces to help school staff learn about CGD

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Seasonal School-Year Calendar

A school-year planner for parents with reminders and information about talking with school staff about CGD

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